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Sauzipf Rocks 11

After 2 years of abstinence, the last Sauzipf Rocks was in 2009, this unique festival took place again in Austria/Carinthia/Döbriach near Millstätter See. For information about the bands which played there and some historical facts, visit the homepage and if you want to get some updates via mail order the newsletter! Everyone couldn't wait to get there! This year, there was a ticket limitation of 1500 2-day-tickets for the first time! The tickets were already sold out some weeks before the festival and a lot of people tried to get some tickets from others who weren't able to come, so the inquiry to take part was quite high! Even a contest was held in the last days before the festival to give away the last tickets to some people.

 On the second festival day on midday it started with the well known "Schweinsaugenweitspucken" contest, which can be translated as "Pig-Eye-Long-Spitting" and more people than ever participated in it. The winner spitted the pig eye over more than 11 metres and some people who hadn't poured enough alcohol down their throat swallowed the eyes to get a bottle of vodka as a present!
To have some more entertainment in the afternoon before the bands started their shows the local Highlander team Mc Stingler organized 3 competitions of the Highland Games which were, "Bierle zupfen", "Bam sagln" and "Maß heben", in english it's called "beer drinking", "wood sawing" and "stein lifting". The participants took part in it in teams of two. Some impressions below!
And for all of you who have the possibility to come and attend Sauzipf Rocks for one time you want to get there each single year of your life, cause you will hardly find a festival with such a extravagant character, non-mainstream music, musicians and people, like this one. And i really have to suggest you to drink there one or even more "Goaß" and also the bartenders are quite handsome there ;)
So I've shown you some pictures and gave you some information about this festival and now it's your choice to come there the next years, but I know you miss something deep inside your heart and it for sure is Sauzipf Rocks, and you will never ever get that hole filled until you've been there ;)
For more pictures check out the links below or the Sauzipf Rocks homepage:

Sauzipf Rocks Day 1
Sauzipf Rocks Day 2

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